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Which Kind of Office Space Is Right for You?

So, you've decided to move office space but now you find yourself overwhelmed by all the choice. Serviced Offices, managed offices, coworking spaces, dedicated desk, hot desk - these are all words you hear being thrown around. But what does it all mean - and which office space is right for you?

Here we delve into our no-nonsense guide which will explain all of the above and more and will help you decide what is the best space for you and your needs.

Office spaces

What type of office is right for you?

Serviced Offices

Before looking for your perfect Serviced Office space, you might stop and wonder; what is a serviced office? 

If you’re wondering that, you are not alone, as it a common question and one that we are delighted to answer.

Quite simply, a Serviced Office is a space that is entirely serviced, which means things like electricity, broadband, phone lines, receptionist, heating, cleaning and more, are all already in place and are managed for you by the building operators. This gives you the chance to focus on what is really important; your business!

Lease agreements

Another big difference between traditional and Serviced Offices is lease agreements.

With traditional offices, you are tied into long-term leases that can span years. With Serviced Offices, you can sign lease agreements as short as three, six or twelve months, leaving you with unrivalled flexibility. How is it billed? Another joy of Serviced Offices is how they are billed. As everything in your building is managed for you, you will receive just one monthly bill, making keeping track of your finances a breeze. Serviced Offices are priced per desk, per month, meaning you only pay for the space you need. The flexibility of Serviced Offices means you can also alter your space requirements as you need to. Need two extra desks by Monday? Not a problem! With traditional offices, you are tied into long-term leases that can span years. With Serviced Offices, you can sign lease agreements as short as three, six or twelve months, leaving you with unrivalled flexibility. Serviced Offices are also incredibly quick and easy to move into as everything you need is already in place and ready to go.

Managed Offices

Managed offices are the future of Serviced Offices. 

They are designed for larger companies that will take up whole floors of office space and offer longer-term leases. This space is specifically designed to be cost-efficient for larger companies over longer periods of time. 

As you will be taking larger spaces for longer periods of time, in some office spaces you can get it branded to your company logos and really make the space feel like home.

Much like Serviced Offices, the space and all of its amenities will be entirely managed for you, making moving into a managed office an absolute breeze. 

A Managed Office is a smart choice for companies that don’t want to tie themselves into long leases, as you still get all the flexibility of a Serviced Office space. 

Our larger clients love their Managed Office because of the speed of which they were able to move in and start working right away, without worrying about any of the small stuff.


Co-working is a wonderful thing. You get to share your office space with some of the most interesting and diverse businesses around. But what exactly is co-working and how do you know if it is for you?

Co-working is as simple as sharing your office space with other people. All our co-working spaces are in Serviced Offices, which you can read more about in our post about finding the perfect Serviced Office for you.


Co-working can really help cut costs for a company, which is particularly favourable for small companies and start-ups. As you share your space with other people, your costs will be reduced when compared to traditional offices.

Co-working is extremely popular among all different types of companies for many reasons, but there are a few stand out reasons why.

Excellent locations

As your costs are spread out among more people, you will be able to choose office space in some of the most desirable business addresses that you would have previously been priced out of.

A networkers dream

Some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world use co-working, and you might get to share your office space with them, making it a paradise for networking.

Choose a desk to suit your needs

Whether you want a dedicated desk, a hot desk or a private office in a co-working space, there are so many options, so you will be sure to find something to suit your every need.