What is a Business Centre?

What is a Business Centre?

When searching for a new office space in Dublin, you can encounter a lot of different terminologies; but what does it all mean? 

A Business Centre is the collective term for an office building, or sometimes just a floor or wing of an office building, in which a company provides a range of fully Serviced Offices to tenants on relatively short-term licenses.

Dublin average office prices can vary depending on how many desks you take, the building itself and the location of the office.  

What is included in a Business Centre?

A Business Centre will normally be a space which is owned, or leased, by a Serviced Office Operator. The operator divides the building into smaller office suites which are then let as Serviced Offices. The operator manages all of the services that would typically be needed by a business occupier such as building maintenance, heating, lighting, air conditioning, cleaning, security, etc. 

You can take a look at our Dublin Serviced Offices to browse our selection of stand alone offices as well as business centres.

Usually, the operator will also create a professional reception area and meeting rooms which can be used by the tenants for an hourly charge, however, this can change from building to building. A receptionist may also be employed.

Some business centres will provide a wider range of additional optional services such as secretarial support, IT support or photocopying services and these can be paid for by the tenants on an "as used" basis. Some of our Dublin centres even have fantastic and surprising extras like a rooftop terrace or an in-house cinema, for those of you really wishing to make an impact with your space.