Dublin Office Price Guide

Dublin Office Price Guide

How much your office will cost you will depend on a lot of things; how much space you take, in what kind of building and in which location. 

All Serviced Office's are charged by "per person, per desk, per month", and these prices can vary across the whole market.

Each space is priced per person, per desk, per month. So, if you take a private office with three desks, you will be charged for three desks, monthly.

All hot-desks and dedicated desks will be in co-working spaces.

Cost of a desk in Dublin:

Hot-desk: From €200 - €350 per month.

Dedicated desk: €200 - €500 per month. 

Private office: €300 - €900 per month.

But how have prices and availability changed over the past months?

Click Offices' Managing Director Shane Duffy commented on the changes in the market. "It is interesting to see so many desks come to the market but for the prices to remain much the same. This means that there is demand there, and the industry will only continue to grow in Dublin."

Dublin Serviced Office Market 2023