Who Uses Serviced Offices?
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Who Uses Serviced Offices?

A huge range of organisations are using Serviced Offices today. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that these are only small businesses.

Everyone from one-person start-ups to multinational companies like Facebook and Google are using Serviced Offices. 

Flexibility is one of the key drivers for companies to use Serviced Offices. Many new, but not necessarily small, businesses cannot accurately predict their headcount figures over a two or three-year time span.

These companies then take flexible leases in Serviced Office buildings where they will be able to take additional space when it is needed.

In addition, there are many companies who have decided that they want to reduce their exposure to property. Real estate often consumes capital and time that could be better invested in a company’s core business.

Serviced Offices virtually eliminate real estate capital expenditure and leave property management headaches to the property owners.

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