Dublin Viewing Checklist

Dublin Viewing Checklist

Viewing an office? Bring along our viewing checklist and never again worry about picking a space that isn't perfect for you.

Choosing your Serviced Office can be one of the most stressful parts of managing a company. So many factors go into finding the perfect fit, that it can be easy to miss details that can turn into major issues in the future.

Here at Click Offices we want to do our part in making your viewing experience just a little bit easier. We have created a handy viewing checklist that will answer the basic questions for what you want from your serviced office.

You could be a solicitor with an eye for luxury or a tech startup that values creative cooperation, this checklist will give you the basic information that every company should know before they make a move.

So print it out and take it to your next viewing.

Office Viewing Checklist


  • What is the price per desk?
  • Is broadband included, if not, how much?
  • Is broadband fibre-optic?
  • Are phone lines included, if not, how much?
  • Is there a beverage fee, if not, how much?
  • Are meeting rooms included, if not, how much per hour?
  • Is parking available, if so, how much?
  • Do you provide server rack space, if so, how much?
  • Any other extras not included in the monthly price?

Office Facilities

  • What size offices do you have available?
  • Do you have a receptionist?
  • What are the bathroom & shower facilities here?
  • Do you have a comms room?
  • Do you have any communal breakout spaces?
  • Are there bike storage facilities?
  • Are there any office perks here?
  • What are your storage facilities?
  • Do you have a lift?
  • Is the office branded or un-branded?
  • CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling?


  • What are the local transport links?
  • What are the local amenities?

Things To Check 

  • Is there an auto renew in the contract?
  • What is the minimum/maximum term?
  • What is the notice period?
  • Is there disabled access?
  • Is the building alarmed?
  • Is there CCTV?
  • Do you have a fire escape plan?
  • Are there any similar companies in the building?  

You can download this viewing checklist here, and bring it to your next viewing.