How to rent a desk in Dublin

How to rent a desk in Dublin

If you are an entrepreneur, start-up or small company in need of just one or two desks, traditional offices can sometimes be expensive and leave you wanting in terms of location. 

A Serviced Office is a fantastic solution to your office woes, as you can set up shop in beautiful office spaces in iconic locations around Dublin for a fraction of the price of traditional office spaces. 

Renting a desk is much like renting an office, only much cheaper. To rent a desk in Dublin, just get in touch with us and we will source you a desk in your desired location, arrange a viewing and negotiate the most competitive price. Best thing is, our services are always 100% free for you!

What type of desk will I have?

Depending on which building you choose and what you need from your space, you can choose between a few different desk options. Most desks will be in co-working spaces, meaning you will be surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest innovators and entrepreneurs that Dublin has to offer. 

In a coworking space, you can choose between a hot desk and a dedicated desk. But what is the difference?

Hot desk: A hot desk is not assigned to you and only you, meaning that when you arrive at the office you choose from whichever desk is free and work from there for the day. This means you can be sitting in a different location each day, but hey – it’s nice to change things up. You might also not get to personalise your desk or be able to leave anything on it overnight as many hot desks don’t come with secure locker facilities. These things, however, are all factored into the price and a hot desk is always the cheaper option.

Dedicated desk: A dedicated desk means that you have a designated space and you won’t walk in in the morning to find someone sitting in your seat. The desk is yours for the duration of your desired term and you will be able to personalise it with your belongings and most Serviced Offices provide you with a secure locker near your desk to store things overnight. This means that your dedicated desk is a little more expensive than a hot desk, but you pay for what you get.

How much will it cost?

Across all Serviced Offices, it is charged as 'per desk, per person, per month' and this doesn’t change whether you take one desk or 100. 

The average cost of a desk can vary greatly depending on what type of desk you choose, what the building is like and where your office is located. 

You can expect to spend anything from €200 - €900 on a desk in Dublin, but for a more detailed overview, check out our Dublin office price calculator.