London Office Prices
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London Office Price Guide

How much your office will cost you will depend on a lot of things; how much space you take, in what kind of building and in which location. 

All Serviced Offices are charged by 'per person, per desk, per month', and these prices can vary across the whole market.

Each space is priced per person, per desk, per month. So, if you take a private office with three desks, you will be charged for three desks monthly.

Cost of a desk in London:

Offices in Mayfair:

£600 - £1500

Offices in Paddington:

 £500 - £700

Offices in Covent Garden:

£500 - £650

Offices in Canary Wharf:

£500 - £850

Offices in City of London:

£400 - £800

Offices in Victoria:

£600 - £1400

Offices in Waterloo:

 £450 - £700

Offices in Oxford Street:

£500 - £900

Offices in Shoreditch:

 £400 - £750

Offices in Soho:

£500 - £800

Amy, our London expert, says that using an office broker is the "smartest way to ensure that you receive the best price for your office. Our brokers know of all of the availability in your desired area and know who can be flexible with their pricing. It pays to use an office broker!"

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