Working Mother Commutes In Helicopter To Be Home For Kids Bath Time

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February 11th 2019

If you’re a working mother who commutes, you have no doubt been sitting in traffic or waiting for a train and thinking “I could be home by now, if I had a helicopter”.

No? Just us? Okay.

Well, one such working mother has gone a step further and actually uses a helicopter to commute home in time for her kid’s bath time.

Commute in a helicopter

Jane Bentall first became pregnant in 2001. Around the same time, she was asked to take a more hands-on role for the travel company she worked for, meaning more travel and much longer commutes. The thoughts of managing her brand new family and also commuting extra distances was a worrying one for the mother-to-be. All until her boss offered her the use of the company helicopter to fly to and from work.

Jane was speaking at an event in London this week and commented: “They didn’t buy it for me, just to be clear! But they were able to let me use the helicopter to get home for my children’s bath time.”

The helicopter is also available for any other working parents on the team.

“It’s both mums and dads, the helicopter is there to get our teams from our head office in Hemel Hempstead to our sites, and to ensure that our teams can maintain a work-life balance,” she explained.

The stress of being a working mother

Recently, a study published it’s finding and discovered that working mothers were 40% more stressed than their childless counterparts.

The reason for this is the added difficulty of managing your work-life balance when you have children to also take care of. While many working parents would jump at the chance to use a helicopter to fly home to their kids, it really is not an option for a lot of them.

However, it does raise important questions about the importance of creating a work environment that parents can really benefit from, including flexible working hours and days.

Would you use a helicopter for your commute if you could?

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