Sitting At Your Desk All Day Counters The Effects Of Exercise

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April 26th 2019

Sitting at your desk all day can counteract the good effects that exercise has on your body.

These new worrying findings come from a small study in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

The study says that sitting for most of the day makes the body resistant to the metabolic benefits of exercise.

Effects of sitting

For the study, researchers checked the health and aerobic fitness of 10 volunteers and fitted them with activity monitors to measure how much they usually moved.

Researchers then asked the volunteers to take less than 4,000 steps a day and spend about 13 hours a day inactive. The volunteers did this for four days in a row.

To maintain the integrity of the study, the participants also reduced their calorie intake to ensure they didn’t gain any weight that would affect their metabolic health. On the fifth day, the volunteers visited a human performance lab to discover the negative effects of sitting still all day had on their bodies.

The results showed that their sedentary behaviours over the previous days made their bodies “resistant to the usual metabolic improvements after acute exercise.”

While the study is relatively small, it does reinforce what many already know to be true; sitting all day is bad for you.

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