More Than A Quarter Of Irish Workers Struggle Financially Every Day

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April 16th 2019

Over a quarter of Irish workers are often struggling to make ends meet, some every day.

26% of Irish workers are struggling financially every day. These worrying figures come from a recent survey by Laya Healthcare.

9,225 health screenings were carried out around the country to determine the survey results.

44% of Irish workers experience finance-related anxiety some days and 7% of them feel anxiety every day.

Survey results

Less than half of all people surveyed said their happiness was “very good”, and 1 in 10 say their happiness levels are “fair to poor”.

87% of Irish workers are now non-smokers. One in ten said they drink more than the recommended weekly amount, with 10% worried about the amount that they consume.

48% of males surveyed were overweight, and 18% were classed as “obese”. 28% of females were overweight, with 16% being obese.

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